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Why doesn't KC have roaming "security"?

Kiln Creek Owner's Association has been asked on several occasions to research and potentially provide hired security within the community. Please recognize that Kiln Creek was established to provide management of the community and protect the aesthetic values of the property. Kiln Creek was not established to provide protection or safety measures for the homeowners. While we recognize why the requests for security have been made, please understand that, by providing hired security within the community, Kiln Creek would be assuming an exponential amount of liability, which would, in turn, transfer to the homeowners as members of the Property Association. Such liability could very well have a significant financial impact on the entire membership, and it would be fiscally and even legally irresponsible for Kiln Creek to accept such a possible burden. As a result, it remains in Kiln Creek's best interest to refrain from providing any type of security within the community.

With that being said, we highly encourage every neighborhood to be active in their neighborhood watch. This is the best way to prevent petty crime. If you need to connect with your neighborhood representative, please contact the HOA office and we are glad to give you their contact information.

Installing surveillance cameras are also encouraged, so long as they are installed per our Architectural Guidelines. Please don't forget to submit your application for exterior alteration before installing. The ARB typically approves these applications quickly.



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