Below is a list of questions that are commonly asked to the office staff. If you do not see your question here, please feel free to contact the office directly at (757) 877-9835.

What are the Kiln Creek Owners Association office hours?

The office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm.

When are the Homeowners Assessments due?

The Master Association Assessments are due and payable on the 1st day of each month, with a late fee due if paid after the 7th of the month.


How can I pay my Assessments?

The Assessments are no longer accepted at the HOA office but there are several ways to make your payments. 1) Mail the coupon & payment to the processing center in the provided envelope from your coupon booklet. 2) Take your coupon & payment to a local BB&T branch. 3)Make payments on-line by clicking the link to BB&T on our website. 4) Set up BB&T association pay, an automatic recurring debit from any bank. 5) Set up recurring payments through your own bank.


What amenities are provided for the homeowners?

For your enjoyment, there are 2 swimming pools, several tennis courts, a multi-purpose court, a recreation center, several playgrounds, a fitness center, walking trails, and a Golf Club & Banquet Facility that are discounted for the residents. For more information on the Kiln Creek amenities, visit the Amenities page.


When does the pool open and when does it close?

Please see our pool page on the website for specific times and dates.

Is soliciting within Kiln Creek permitted?

No. If someone is soliciting in your neighborhood, you should call the non-emergency police/sherriff department.


Who maintains the York County Park?

The York County Park on Kiln Creek Parkway is maintained by York County. Kiln Creek residents as well as York County residents are welcome to use this park.


Does KCOA carry insurance on our homes/cars?

No, the master association insurance policy does not cover any damage done to your home or car, unless the damage was caused by association staff. Also, if a golf ball hits your home or car, first try to get the golfer to take responsibility and if that does not work, you should contact your homeowners/auto insurance company.


If a home is vandalized or burglarized does our HOA dues pay for any damages that may occur?

No, again you would have to contact your insurance company in this situation.

If there are stray animals in our yards or flower beds do we call the KCOA to have them removed?

If you do not know to whom these animals belong, you need to call Animal Control. If you do know the animal’s owner, the office can send them a letter to remind them of the rules regarding animals.


If someone is causing a noise disturbance whom do we call?

If it is during the morning or middle of the day you need to call the non-emergency  police/sheriff’s department. If the noise disturbance is an ongoing situation and the person(s) causing the disturbance is in violation of Kiln Creek rules and regulations and upon our office receiving a written complaint, those person(s) will receive a letter of violation.


If someone is parked in my space or I am having problems with parking, whom do I contact?

If your subdivision has an interior property management company, they should be able to resolve this issue for you.


Is trash pick-up for Kiln Creek scheduled by the KCOA?

No. It is scheduled by the city/county in which you live. However, an exception to this rule is if your neighborhood is having some type of major construction, (i.e., work on your streets,) and you need trash to be picked up a few days earlier/later than usual, your interior property management company will schedule this for your neighborhood.


This winter when it snows whom do we call for snow removal?

Kiln Creek Pkwy. and Brick Kiln Blvd. will be treated with ice melt on the snow, by the city or county. If you live on a private Street, which is signified with a yellow street sign, you may contact your interior property management company, (i.e. United Property, Community Group, etc.) for scheduled snow removal or ice melt treatments. If you live on a public street, which is signified with a green street sign, these streets are maintained by VDOT or the City of Newport News.


Do our dues pay for membership to the Golf Club & Resort?

As a member of the Kiln Creek Homeowners Association, your payment dues automatically make you a Social Member. Please refer to The Club website for the Social Member information.


If we have friends who are interested in buying or renting in Kiln Creek do we send them to the KCOA office for details?

No, we do not keep a listing of properties that are for sale or for rent within Kiln Creek. You should send them to a realtor who should be able to print them a listing. If you know someone strictly looking to rent an apartment, they can contact Featherstone Apartments at 875-0271.


Does Kiln Creek have its own sports teams for the youth?

Kiln Creek has a swim team available during our pool season. For more information please visit www.kcswim.net.


What are Kiln Creek’s snow procedures?

Kiln Creek’s snow procedures can be viewed at http://www.kilncreek.org/snow-procedures