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Safety/Security Tips:

• Secure Exterior Doors: Don’t rely on the spring latch on your door handle; Install door armor kits; Add auxiliary locks to sliding doors; Add security bar to French doors; Ensure all hinge pins are interior-facing; Add security film to glass doors.

• Secure Windows: When buying windows, look for reinforced glass or acrylic windows that are harder to break than traditional windows. Multiple panes of glass are better than one large pane. To increase security of current windows, add after-market locks to your built in window locks or add security film.

• Garage Doors: Don’t leave garage door openers in your vehicles; Secure your garage door emergency release; Use a garage door sensor; Have a dead bolt on the door between your garage and your home; Have bright, motion sensing lights in the garage to bring attention to an open garage door.

• Make Your Home Look Occupied: Have lamps on a timer; Leave a television or radio on at a moderate volume; Don’t close all of your curtains and blinds.

• Keep Burglars at a Distance: Some of the best burglary prevention techniques are things you might now even consider to be prevention techniques. Get a Dog; Have home security signs; Have a well-lit exterior; Park a car in the driveway; Keep bushes and shrubs around windows trimmed to avoid creating hiding spots.



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