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Pool Season is Right Around the Corner!

We have had many inquiries about the 2021 swim season and would like to inform you of our processes for this year. You will be happy to hear we are planning to open both pools on Memorial Day weekend! Since we are in similar circumstances again this year, we are planning to have the same rules and use the same online sign up system as last year. All rules and hours of operation will be announced as we get closer to opening.

It will not be necessary to come to the HOA office for a Rec Pass. Your reservation through the online sign up system will be verified with our staff prior to your arrival. We will start to use a new system over the next few months and will keep you informed as it becomes available.

We are also happy to announce that the Board has again approved for 2021 a temporary variance for above ground pools in fenced backyards until September 30, 2021.

The general idea is to allow those of you with children (and those of you who may still be a child at heart!) to get some relaxation, cooling, and recreational relief not currently allowed under the limited uses of the pools. There are a number of obligations and restrictions of which to take note, and all pools must be removed immediately at the end of the season.

Please note the basic requirements of this SPECIAL ALLOWANCE:

  • One above-ground swimming pool may be placed in the backyard only of a residential Lot;

  • A fence is required for any pools that will not be drained after each use;

  • The Lot Owner/resident must comply with all ordinances of York County (for Lots located in York County) and the City of Newport News (for Lots located in the City of Newport News), including but not limited to any fencing requirements;

  • If a fence is to be constructed, a prior application for the fence must be submitted to the Association's Architectural Review Board ("ARB") and approved by the ARB, and the fence must conform to the ARB's specifications and requirements for fences in the Villages of Kiln Creek;

  • The above-ground pool must be fully and completely removed from the Lot on or before September 30, 2021;

  • Owners shall be responsible for re-seeding during the fall of 2021, any portions of their lawn that have been damaged as a result of the pool.

  • Pool shall be installed at least 5 feet from the property line/fence.

Additionally, if you do not have a fenced back yard, you still have the option to follow the rules already in place for smaller, removable pools. Please note these preexisting guidelines:

  • Children’s wading pools are permitted without applications. However, depth shall not exceed one (1) foot and diameter shall not exceed six (6) feet.

  • All such pools must be drained when not in use and shall be stored out of sight or be kept to the rear of the two primary rear corners of a dwelling in a neat and orderly fashion.

  • Drainage may not affect neighboring properties.



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