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Newport News Streetlights

Have you noticed a new style of streetlights in your neighborhood? The Newport News side of Kiln Creek will no longer have the "Colonial" style light fixture due to updated lighting standards for the City of Newport News. The current colonial style lights do not emit enough light to meet the standards of Newport News, mainly because the light does not cover the entire roadway in front of it. The City is taking the initiative to make the streets safer for our residents and will be upgrading all light fixtures along the roadways to an "Acorn" style light. They are replacing the lights as needed for now; however, there will be a full replacement of all of the light fixtures within the next couple years.

Dominion is aware of the numerous outages throughout our community. If you have a new outage or are having a problem with a light near you, please contact the City at 933-2311 or Virginia Power at 866-366-4357. (Private neighborhoods, please contact your property manager). For more information about light outages, please see our Info Buzz at



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