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Hi my name is Ivey! I'm here today with my daughters to take in all of Kiln Creek's yard sale festivities 🤗.#MyKilnCreek

First, we stopped by OAKWOOD and I found a lot of quality and precious jewelry! Then it was onto EAGLE SOUND where not only were we met with smiles but HOT fresh banana muffins! They even had Bluetooth water bottles for get this... $1!

I wonder if I can go to all 31 Villages today?!

After a quick visit to the resort and a NEST TO-GO meal for the girls, we're off...

REMEMBER - GoodWill will be collecting items in our Rec Center parking lot on UNTIL FULL OR UNTIL 2PM!

Please check the links for items they can and can’t collect before bringing to the site.


*** NO FURNITURE *** - Please donate those to our nearest Goodwill Store!

We found some great treasures in many villages TRADEWINDS, ROYAL COVEN, and HOLLINGSWORTH.

Great quality Disney, golf, fishing, and kids furniture! The coolest gadget thus far has been this e-bike that is a STEAL! I know I will be seeing this zoom through our neighborhoods soon!

We were out and about in LAKE CAMBRIDGE, SHORELINE, WESTGATE, and met some amazing residents!!!! I had to do some shopping myself when I saw there were RED BOTTOMS 👠 and hand-crafted jewelry!!!

Hearing from our Godwill Coordinator that this is the BEST COMMUNITY 🏆- year after year -

Is the BEST feeling! 💗

WE FILLED THE GOODWILL TRAILER KILN CREEK! They wrapped up at 2PM but, if you are still in the spring cleaning mode, please feel free to donate to your nearest Goodwill Store.

It's always a great time when I get the chance to converse with so many of our residents!!!

The stories and laughs shared are priceless. From the new residents who enjoyed their first Kiln Creek yard sale - to the Yard Sale vets who started their set up the day before... 😊


See you again in the Fall! 🍂

Ivey Hawkins-Harris

Director of Business Development

& Hotel Manager



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