Snow Procedures

Kiln Creek Snow Removal Procedures:


If you live in a neighborhood with private streets, your property management company will be responsible for snow removal from your streets. If you do not live in a private neighborhood, and have public streets, N.N. City or VDOT are responsible for your roads, but typically don’t plow them right away as they are secondary roads. The City/VDOT will do snow removal for Kiln Creek Pkwy. and Brick Kiln Blvd.

Please also note that there is NO SLEDDING on the Golf Course. As tempting as it may be, we would appreciate if you please stay off the course during a snow event. It can not only damage the course, but we do not want any of our residents accidentally getting hurt. Please also DO NOT walk or ice skate on any frozen lakes. If you are seen on the course or on a lake, you will be asked to leave. 

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