Disclosure Package Rate Increase

Please take note that the Board of Directors has recently approved the fee for a resale disclosure package to increase to $250. If you are planning to sell your home, you should submit your request and payment for a disclosure package about 30 days prior to closing on the sale. The buyer has a 72 hour timeframe to review as a contingency of the sale prior to closing, which is why we suggest ordering a month in advance. Please note that we cannot process rush orders, and all requests take 10 business days (2 full weeks) to process. We also conduct an on-foot review (inspection) of your property, so when sprucing up your home to sell, don’t forget about the outside of your house too! Please also note, the owner of the property MUST be the one to sign the disclosure request. To find the disclosure package request form, see the documents and forms page of this website.

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